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Friday, February 1, 2013

A Calendar for Growing Flowers in Coastal Southern California

Florence Sullivan
September 1, 1913 to February 9, 2009

My friend, and gardening mentor Florence Sullivan, passed away recently at the age of 95 1/2. I had previously asked her daughter's permission to share her gardening tips. She wrote a booklet, with the above title, so any tips I share on this blog, with this title are from "Florence Sullivan," with the kind permission of her daughter Holly.

Since it's already February, I'll do this slightly out of order and start with February.

This booklet contains flower gardening information for a specific area. This area includes Santa Barbara to the Mexican border and from the Pacific, inland to the hotter areas.
To make the best use of this information, may I suggest that you get a thin felt pen with green ink, go to your calendar and turn to the current month. Jot down chores which apply to your garden. Then continue thru the year. Green ink will suggest gardens. Thereafter when you fertilize or spray, make a note on your calendar, in green, to remind you when to do it next. Then you will be organized, and your garden will flourish.
Happy Gardening

Florence Sulivan

Mrs. Sullivan has taught Container Gardening at the South Coast Botanic Garden and lectured to Garden Clubs. She has gardened in this are for 25 years. (Copyright 1986 - Florence Sullivan)