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Monday, February 16, 2009

Seeds of Change

Most of the women in my garden club lived through the Great Depression. They seem to have such a better handle on saving things, being conservative with their money, and recycling goods. I also noticed they share plants from their gardens with each other, and they start many of their prettiest plants from seeds.

This year, thanks to our own roller coaster economy, I decided to try an experiment. I planted a seed garden. As these flowers bloom and grow, I'll share the excitement with you. I planted a patch next to my driveway, and a border around my roses. Then I covered them with fresh potting soil. This is photo number one, in a hopefully successful series known as "Seeds of Change." Wildflowers for a wildflower child.

Picnik collage


Sylvia said...

I can't wait to see what pops up Abby. I should be able to throw out some seeds soon too, but don't really have many spots in my yard to do that.

owen,tania,caleb,thaddeus, gideon,hannah said...

i love this!