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Saturday, April 4, 2009

"April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go."

~Christopher Morley, John Mistletoe

I'm dedicating this entry to my blogging friend Sylvia. When she talks about flowers that she loves, it seems that hydrangeas rank the highest.

Please check out her blog,"Sylvia Cook Photography" for some of the most gorgeous floral images you will ever see. If you click the title, you will taken directly to her blog, or you can cut and paste this blog address.

These photos were taken at Roger's Garden, in Orange County, California. This store is a gardener's dream. and it feels like Disneyland for gardeners. They have displays like no one else. Their spring arrangements were stunning, as they included gorgeous birds nests with colorful eggs.

And of course, their fuchsia hanging baskets were simply irresistible.

Enjoy springtime. Everything is certainly blooming in Southern California now.


Isabelle Lafrance said...

I love the eggs, what a nice, delicate touch! Like flowers, eggs are a sign of renewal, spring is here!

Amy said...

Hi Abby! I just checked out yours blog and wow, the flowers are beautiful! I wish we were blooming over here like that! Finally the snow melted and now there are flurries again :(
I haven't been getting updates from your blog? I thought I had subscribed already? PS--Ave Maria--my all time fave to listen to and especially to sing!

Sylvia said...

Awww thanks Abby!
Those arrangements are so cute, and your photos are all beautiful. I haven't really spent any time at a nursery yet this Spring, now this makes me want to!