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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wildflower Garden Experiment Update

My wildflowers are in full bloom. This is a macro photo of one of the pretty blooms.

Picnik collage
This is the box of seed, and the flower's baby photos. :-) The box was $6 and yielded an entire wildfower bed beside my driveway, and around my rose garden.


RobinfromCA said...

How fun! Let me know how this goes. I've always been a little afraid of planting wild flowers in my yard for fear they take over everything. I'll bet they're gorgeous though!


Donald said...

Nice addition! I bought a packet of Ed Hume Pacific Northwest Wildflower seeds to an area of my garden two weeks ago, and I too am seeing very tiny sprouts. The mixture says it has more than 20 diff kinds of flowers, a mix of annuals, biannuals and perennials.
I also post and picture updates on my veggie,fruit,flowering, and morel mushroom garden (if that does anything) at
Enjoy your spring!

at the cottage said...

Oh how beautiful. I love flowers.

I will be back for sure.


Sylvia said...

At the moment, my wildflowers are called "weeds". Too much time with photography and the computer=less time in the yard!
Well it would help if it would stop raining!!

daisy said...

Your wildflowers were pretty. Nice one.