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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Angel Face Rose

Angel Face Rose, originally uploaded by Abby Lanes.

This is the first rose to bloom in my garden this Spring. In California, we cut our roses back in January and don't fertilize them for that month. They get a nice rest, and fertilizer in February. Our weather has been good "rose weather." The right amount of rain, sunshine, and cloudy days. All of my roses are about to explode! I'm sure more photos will come soon.

Meanwhile, I ripped out some old roses back in January, and replaced them with bareroot roses. The first time I saw Angel Face, I nearly fainted! This is my favorite rose... a) for it's beauty, and b) for it's fragrance. I planted 5 of these beauties!

I also found a "Sterling Silver Hybrid Tea." It was the last one in the store, and had gimpy roots. I talk to it everyday. It's having a hard time, but I keep sending it positive vibrations. If that one survives, you will definitely see it too!


Isabelle Lafrance said...

What a beauty! This rose is so gorgeous Abby! I sure would love to see your garden!

Sylvia said...

What a beautiful job you did with this texture! I'm jealous of all your roses, the deer like mine too much :(

Hélène Glehen said...

I am amazing to learn that you have roses already blooming. Here in the parisian suburb I have to wait for the end of May to see the first rose.
Otherwise, I like the way you pictured the rose as an oil painting on canvas.