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Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've had quite the conversation back and forth on email with a gardening friend about dandelions. I learned a few facts about them that I didn't know. There are fake dandelions, that are endangered in California thanks to the weed killer "Round-up."

Then, the dandelions pictured here, have a flower counterpart. Remember that yellow flower we all know and love, and think of as a weed in our yard? In reality they are technically flowers and in the family Asteraceae. There are tons of them in my yard at the moment, and I'll shoot them and post them pics in my next blog entry.

Here's the link to the Wikipedia article that goes into great detail. If you click the title above, it should take you right there.

I'm using a macro lens for the first go round in the Spring season, thanks to Santa Claus. Enjoy your dandelions when they pop out in your yard, and careful with that Round-Up!

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