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Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Roadside Garden

A Zinnia in a Wildflower Graden
While driving, and following my navigator to a Chinese restaurant one day, I stumbled upon this gorgeous roadside garden.   I suspect it was started when someone sprinkled seeds there in the springtime.  It was filled with zinnias, daisies, cosmos and more.   

I think I'll try this seed sprinkling garden experiment next year. I have the perfect patch of soil, right beside my driveway. Hopefully I'll get the same stunning results.

Black Eyed Susans


Tash said...

Beautiful. Isn't it great to stumble onto such pretty things while driving? Glad you took time to smell (shoot) the flowers.

PS - oops, I should have blurred out the PO sign. This was the 1st time I stopped at Kelly's Korner - had their veggie sub - really good. I'm going back. My husband would go there when he watched my son as a baby. Really liked Mr. Kelly - friendly in a no non-sense way.

KayEllen said...

Just lovely fun to find something you are not expecting!

Can't wait to see more pretty flowers on your blog:)