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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pierre de Ronsard Rose

The first time I saw the Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose, it instantly became my favorite rose of all time. It's a stunning rose, that's beautiful to photograph, and see in your garden.

Pierre de Ronsard Rose, originally uploaded by Abby Lanes.

Stephanie, a friend and fellow gardener, had this growing up and over her pergola, in her cozy cottage garden. A real beauty, this old-fashioned looking rose also goes by the name Eden Rose.

Pierre de Ronsard Rose
Hybridized in 1987, it's disease resistant, a vigorous grower, and low maintenance.

This rose is a nearly continual bloomer, with year round health and vitality.
Pierre de Ronsard Rose
If you live in California, and want to use this for your garden, you'll be thrilled if you purchase it from Roger's Garden. Here's their web address, and I've linked their to the title above, and here's the website:

(The roses in this post, belong to Frank. More of Frank's flowers are featured below. Frank mentioned that this rose is lovely on the vine, but droops when you try to use it as a cutting rose in a vase.)

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