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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Maryam's Cottage Garden

Southern California has the perfect weather for year round gardening. It's not uncommon to find lovely cottage gardens scattered about town. My neighbor Maryam has a stunning cottage garden, complete with Shabby Chic accents, and a red vintage watering can.

Pink, Purple & Green, originally uploaded by Abby Lanes.

These are Maryam's window box flowers. She studied Art History at Loyola, and her garden looks like an artist lives there. She changes out her flowers seasonally, and I noticed yesterday, that she's popped in a few snapdragons. When I get a chance, I'll snap a few shots of them for you to view.

If you click the title above, it will take you to my Flickr set, which gives a little tour through Maryam's garden.


TC said...

This shot is AMAZING!! I love all the vibrant colors you have captured. Took my breath away!

Tash said...

I love all three of these photos - each one is unique for what it conveys - perfect angle on the 1st makes it look so interesting, the colors and textures are great on the 2nd (who wouldn't love a red watering can!) & the third is amazing for color & simplicity.